Leadership, Together We Can - Values in Action!

#11 Together We Can, Values in Action!

“Put your words in a letter so they won’t die on empty air.  Letters hold families and friendships together.  When someone wins an award, leads a drive, preaches a great sermon, or gives to the greater good of your company or community, lift his (her) spirits with a letter.  Get into the envelope and seal the flap!”

W.A Peterson


This may seem passe’ in this day of emails and social media, however, it is still a great way to recognize someone or show your appreciation.  I still remember receiving a congratulations card in the mail from a top executive when I was promoted to General Manager many years ago.  Although I didn’t really know this executive, I certainly knew who he was and was thrilled to have received a hand written card from him.

I’ve adopted this form of appreciation and periodically send a card to an employee’s home to thank them for going above and beyond, achieving a significant career milestone, or for accomplishing an important goal.  It’s a simple gesture that goes along way and allows their family to participate in their recognition.

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