Together We Can - Values in Action!

#8 Together We Can, Values in Action!

“I’m fed up with criticism of (American) workmanship.  How other people do their jobs is their business.  But I do good work and I know it.  I make each minute count.  If I make a mistake I correct it.  I would gladly sign every piece of work I do.  I’ll pin this message in my work area to let everyone know I take pride in my work.”

Gray Matter

I always taught my daughters, “regardless of what you do, always do the best job you can.  Be proud of whatever it is you do.”  When they did odd jobs around the house and I ‘inspected what I expected’ and I found poor quality or unfinished jobs, I’d send them back to fix or finish it.  It was a difficult task at the time as they just thought I was unreasonable and mean.  It paid off though when my oldest daughter got her first summer job and she thanked me for instilling that pride in her work and said “I thought I was done but then I’d say to myself would this be good enough for Dad?  No, so I’d make it better.”  Little did she realize, it wasn’t my quality standards she was measuring herself against, it was her own high standards and pride in what she does!  Yahoo!