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Gemba Walks – Tip #1

Take a pen and note pad!

Sounds simple, but do you?  When you do a leadership gemba, be sure to take a pen and a note pad to write down your questions or clarifications you have so that you do not interrupt the person briefing you.  Remember that they are probably a little bit nervous and most likely have a predetermined set of points or explanation they want to make.  By interrupting them to ask a question you can easily throw them off and interrupt their flow of information.  Not to mention, more often than not they will answer your question anyway within their explanation.  Jotting down your questions not only shows respect, but also demonstrates your interest in their work.  Try it!

Oh and if you’re a techie and prefer to enter your questions on an app on your phone, it would be really helpful to explain that this is what you are doing at the start of the gemba.  Otherwise, your team may think you’re texting or responding to emails!

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8 thoughts on “Gemba Walks – Tip #1”

  1. I think more important to the Gemba walk is what is being done with the feedback. In some work places, Gemba walks are becoming more of a purposeless rituals that needs to be completed for the sake of marking it off a daily checklist.
    I think there is also a need to accompany Gemba walk with a purpose.


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