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Lunch & Lead Series – Leading Problem Solving

High Performance Leaders is hosting our next FREE 50 minute Lunch & Lead Series event on Friday, April 30 at 12:05PM EST / 9:05AM PST on the topic of “Leading Problem Solving – 5 essential ways to engage and lead your team in Problem Solving”.

Register Now!

We will be sharing several tips on the leaders role in problem solving with these 5 topics:

  1. Standards for 1 second understanding
  2. Teaching your eyes to see with TIM WOODS
  3. Looking for evidence through gemba
  4. 5 whys trump A3s
  5. Leaders role in visual control boards

Register now, and on Friday, April 30 at 12:05PM EST / 9:05AM PST grab your lunch (or breakfast!) and join us?

We hope you can make it and look forward to connecting with each other!

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