“I love that you’re doing this blog, Glenn. I’ve seen AND done it all when it comes to personal productivity – I even teach courses on it. I’ve listened to tons of books on the subject and taken a number of courses over the years. I must say though, your system is the best I’ve seen. A perfect blend of great theorists like David Allen (GTD), Stephen Covey, and John Maxwell PLUS the often overlooked practical HOW TO’s from an engineer’s mind. I love your focus on work/life balance and being a good HUMAN. Life can truly be best enjoyed by working hard, helping others and getting your priorities right.

You came and did a keynote presentation to the physician leaders at the hospital where I work a couple of years ago, and I find myself revisiting your material time and time again. I’ve reflected on some areas where I need to improve my own personal productivity and leadership and I’ve decided to put your model into practice full bore!!”

Stephanie Brundl, MHSc (Health Admin), BHSc (OT), BPE

Director Organizational Development & Volunteers

Grand River Hospital